Signature Delight

Creating one Signature style is making a mark as a brand and identifying it as a benchmark. It is important to create one so that it can make your brand be identified as one. Colors and designs play a very vital role in that. A brand creating a Signature collection makes an impression and style to stand out.


Devanshi Renu Jewels here has a used a few elements to make a mark with their Signature Collection. The use of filigree, color stones and sand blasting in the right spacing has created a royal yet classy effect. This beautiful signature set is a balance between the heavy and light look. It’s a blend in for traditional and western attire. Inspired from the modern day Kal Yug theme it has an aura of feminine beauty and elegance. 

Another masterpiece of Signature Style, Two Layer Cuff. Encrusted with colored stone the filigree is in a pattern and stands out. Connecting the sand blasting and filigree the stone has a classic setting. Going with the elegance and style this is a perfect blend to the collection.


Getting more into the collection we discover a lot pf play with shapes. Rectangle Signature earrings stand for the bold and elegance they create. The stiff and dome look in itself also implicates a lot about the style. Traditional yet modern, these beautiful earrings are eye catchy and gorgeous.


Square cannot go missing if one is playing with shapes. These statement rings are just the right fit in the look. Big and classy they are embellished with color stones and sand blasting at the right place.


Shapes have a lot of exploration options. Round always gives a very jazzy and beautiful look. Set with color stones and sandblasting it has the correct size to go with the attire and proportion. It is just the right adornment that makes it more appealing and beautiful.


Unconventional designs explorations and always a part of a collection. The other element and shapes that have made a mark are in brooch pin, Fan Necklace and Hand Ornament. These unconventional pieces add a charm to the collection. Perfect for styling in an attire for ethnic occasion these pieces complete the collection.



To know more about our latest collection look up our page Devanshi Renu Jewels!

Happy Blogging 🙂

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