Style It Your Way


It’s been a while that you have heard from us. So this time we have come back with a special edition of style looks. Summer is here and with that comes an opportunity to embrace color and chic style looks. There’s a lot that can be explored in accessories this season.


Get one of the classy simple styles. These white stone earrings can be paired with a simple crop top or a dress. They will subtly make the look more chic and elegant. It’s a summer style and available in many options. As the white stone easily blends with any color and prints it’s one of the best options.

More to go with simple yet elegant look there are always earcuffs that stand out. We feel that earcuffs are a bit too much sometimes. To tackle that one can always dress casual and balance it out. Most of the time that’s all we need to create in our style. Pairing earcuff with a plain crop top or casual dress is just the right statement that you can make. When it comes you use of stones in out jewellery we feel that it should blend with the color of our outfit. Although it can also be styled in another way. 


Black and white we all know are a standard and most obvious selections when it comes to blending the color. Here I feel that one can take this opportunity to play with the contrasts, it will stand out in the summer and create a style statement.

In the contrast one has to pay attention to the color scheme created. It has to be soothing and eye catchy. It is easier to do this task when one has to style western and casual wear. The challenge comes in this traditional look. The outfit is already a visual, and the jewellery has to be subtle yet different. Going with light contrasts is a safe bet here.



When we talk about statement it means something different. An element that makes a difference and is eye catchy. This has been done through chains and pearls in these styles. It enhances the jewellery piece a lot. The classy and elegant statement stands for itself. Pearls are also a good options in casual wear as necklaces and braclets. They blend with the outfit very easily and look beautiful. 

Another factor that is important to stand out in the confidence that we have. Always be confident of what you are wearing, and that will make you stand out in the crowd.



Cocktail rings can never be out of fashion. Although it has to styled in the right way. Cocktail rings create a statement in itself, it does not require to be paired with any other statement piece. Simple earrings are always the best option for that. But one should dress to the occasion and keep that in mind. Long pendants or necklaces and the easy to pair. A braclet and ring with it can give it a more dress look.



Dress to the occasion and always be confident! Hope you enjoyed our style tips and idea. More content on styling coming up soon!

Happy Styling 🙂

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