Bringing in the Mughal influence Miniature Paintings are eye catchy. Chitrakari as a collection is all about Style, Elegance and Aesthetics. It marks a royal impression. Kundan work has always fascinated me, and that why I chose to work with it quite often. Using paintings in jewelry has been a trend I picked from ancient times. It strongly gives out a story and journey. 

Chitrakari poster1

Speaking of Chitrakari, it has beautiful kundan handcrafted pieces. Starting from Chandbali’s, they present a great deal of what we got from Mughal influence. What makes a chandbali different is the use of color stones and also the right finishing with pearls and drops. It is very important to keep it subtle, because that makes it elegant. We have used both bright and light colors. Red, blue, pink and light turquoise and few colors you can find in the chandbali’s in this collection.


With Mughals what comes along is the story about the kings. We showcase the love of two great kings of the era. Jodha-Akbar and Shahjajan- Mumtaz. The portraits have been used such that they form a pair. It’s an epic love story depicted in a pair of chandbali.

This collection also brings out the impressions of gods and goddesses. It was an integral part of minitature paintings to have such depictions. Few of them have been used in different designs. They can be called ancient influence of inclination towards exploring the odds of a inspirations.

There are many more stories and pieces which this collection presents. Soon it will be available to shop on our website. Please do share you comments and reviews on our latest collection !! 😀

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