What’s Trendy This Wedding Season !!!

So as we approach that time of the year and start preparing for the upcoming weddings let’s have a look at what’s trending. Trends and fashion change every season and come back in a cycle. 

So if you are a millennial person who loves to keep up–to–date with the changing trends of the fashion world then please carefully go through this article, because this is about the latest changes in the jewelry choices. An important point to remember is that modern no more means minimal. Today ladies are bold enough to carry any look and their attitude makes them the style divas.

1. Conventional Jewelry

Traditional or conventional jewelry created for versatile women is beautifully designed by jewelry designers in a very personalized manner this season. They bring back the roots and also make an modern impression with added twists.

2. Pearls

Pearls really never actually go out of fashion. The simplicity they brings is loved by everyone and hence there always are few people who wear them anyway. This season they have also become a choice for bridal and ethnic jewelry.

3. Passa Style Earrings

Something new and different is always welcomed and adorned. Bringing in a beautiful look this style is picking up a trend. So there will be a lot of Passa/ Jhoomar style earrings being chased this season.

4. Cocktail Rings

Going in and out of trend Cocktail rings remain a statement of elegance. Select a couple of cocktail rings along with simple bangles to complete you look this season. 

5. Multi-Layered Necklace

The multi-layer necklace is also going to be a hit this season. This necklace provides the wearer a royal look. Multi-layer necklaces can be crafted in a variety of options and they always create an everlasting impressing.

So go prepare for this wedding season and create your style !!!


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