Wedding Trends’19

When it comes to weddings every season something news comes up and the old style fades away. One if the most important thing in the bridal look is the jewelry. It has to be trendy, classy and complimenting the whole bridal attire. In today’s trend we can see two extremes in bridal jewelry. At one […]

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Signature Delight

Creating one Signature style is making a mark as a brand and identifying it as a benchmark. It is important to create one so that it can make your brand be identified as one. Colors and designs play a very vital role in that. A brand creating a Signature collection makes an impression and style […]

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Style It Your Way

  It’s been a while that you have heard from us. So this time we have come back with a special edition of style looks. Summer is here and with that comes an opportunity to embrace color and chic style looks. There’s a lot that can be explored in accessories this season.   Get one of […]

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Bringing in the Mughal influence Miniature Paintings are eye catchy. Chitrakari as a collection is all about Style, Elegance and Aesthetics. It marks a royal impression. Kundan work has always fascinated me, and that why I chose to work with it quite often. Using paintings in jewelry has been a trend I picked from ancient […]

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Make Your Day Special

Wedding is a very special day for a girl who dreams about the perfect wedding since childhood. It goes with a gorgeous bridal lehanga and jewelry that makes her look like a princess. Every year we see new trends of bridal jewelry that come in and go. What stays constant is the bridal elegance and beauty. […]

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Talking Of Inspirations…..

  One of the most interesting and pain taking part of designing is finding an inspiration and making that into a collection. An artist can be inspired by many things around him/her but it’s not always a cake walk to take the right element and take it forward. My dilemma of choosing my next inspiration ended […]

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Traveler’s Insight

Many a times we find inspirations in ancient artifacts. And today I’ll be sharing one such insight from a recent vacation where I found a great passion for culture and it’s preservation. When I first landed at the land of Chinggis Khaan (Genghis Khan), Mongolia it seemed a simplistic land. It was later that it caught […]

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